December 2019

Focus Topic n#2: : Migrants Entrepreneurship

  • MILE 
INTRODUCTION: Migrants Entrepreneurship in Europe, by ICEI For migrants, employment is not only a source of income, but also a pivotal activity to improve their integration more broadly. First, because it introduces the person in a diverse environment, where to establish relationships with local citizens; secondly, having a salary, makes possible to fulfill primary needs and have resources for more socially related activities. Thirdly, it introduces the migrant worker to the local culture of work. It is extremely important for… Read More »Focus Topic n#2: : Migrants Entrepreneurship

MILE LOCAL: activities in partners’ countries

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Hot Autumn for MILE in each of the project’s partners’ country! From September to December 2019 we delivered Capacity Building Events and Workshop Activities in the cities of Milan, Barcelona, Innsbruck and Patras. On one side, we implemented training activities to specifically answer at employers’ needs when hiring migrants and refugees in their companies. Particularly welcomed were workshops on diversity management and legal procedures. On the other side, we have offered third sector organisations and stakeholders an occasion to get… Read More »MILE LOCAL: activities in partners’ countries