Members of the multi-stakeholders WGs

The European Multi-Stakeholders Working Groups met during the study visits in Innsbruck in March 2019 and in Athens in November 2019. Overall, 6 WGs were organised, on the following topics:
WG1: Approaches and tools in training and integration into labour market
– Labour market integration of TCNs – Sharing of knowledge & experiences
– Legal issues concerning the integration of migrants into the labour market: challenges and solutions
WG2: Social and personal support tools to reach, involve and accompany migrants into the labour market
– Vulnerable groups: TCN women/ unaccompanied minors & the labour market – challenges and solutions
– Linking the process of migrant integration to real labour market needs: processes, synergies and strategies needed
WG3: Employers’ organizations needs and long-term involvement strategies
– Workplace diversity and intercultural issues
– The desirable professional profile of migrants according to employer needs: required skills and training programs
For more information, see the reports of the study visits in the LIBRARY

  • ALDA European Association for Local Democracy (France):
    International network of civil society organisations and public authorities, working also on the topics of labour market/entrepreneurship and migrants
  • ACM High Commission for Migration (Portugal):
    National Public Authority under the Presidency of the Council of Ministries, supporting migrants in all fields of life, including labour market and entrepreneurship
  • Southside Partnership (Ireland):
    Local Development Company working towards social and economic inclusion in Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown, including via programmes for migrant and native women
  • Migration Policy Group (Belgium):
    International think – and – do – tank in the field of migration
  • Migration Hub Network (Germany):
    International network supporting migrants and refugees, including migrant entrepreneurs
  • Multicultural Centre Prague (Check Republic):
    NGO working for the social and economic inclusion of migrants
  • City of Milan, Department of Urban Economy and Employment, Training and Employment Area, Labour Market Unit
  • AGCI Lombardy, Association of Italian Cooperatives of the Region of Lombardy
  • ITALMEX, migrants’ association supporting Latin American migrants in Milan for their socio-economic integration
  • Vitality Onlus, not-for-profit organisation supporting migrants, refugees and other vulnerable groups
  • Comunità Nuova Onlus, not-for-profit organisation supporting migrants and refugees fostering their socio-economic inclusion
  • Associazione IRENE, not-for-profit organisation supporting migrant women, to improve their employability through training in the area of tailoring
  • ISMU Foundation, national research institute focusing on migration and intercultural policies, training, publications, research and projects
  • Soleterre, not-for-profit organisation working in the field of social and economic inclusion of vulnerable groups, including migrants, refugees and asylum seekers
  • Migrations and Employment Network (Rete Migrazione e Lavoro)
    regional network of stakeholders working on the topic of integration of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in the labour market
  • ASSPI, Association for the development of the international protection system, supporting and managing reception centres for refugees and asylum seekers
  • COMETA, not-for-profit organisation supporting and managing hosting centres for vulnerable children and young people, including refugees and asylum seekers, and to foster their socio-economic integration
  • OGB, Austrian Trade Union, Region of Tyrol
  • WKO, Austrian Economic Chambers, Region of Tyrol
  • Austrian Arbeitsmarktservice (AMS), Austria’s leading provider of labour-market related services
  • Innovia, services for equal opportunities for people with learning difficulties and disabilities, young people, and people with migration background
  • ITWorks, social enterprise supporting disadvantaged people of all ages, ethnic groups re-entering the work process
Municipality of Andravida - Kyllini, Western Greece
Community Center - Center for the integration of immigrants and refugees of the Municipality of Andravida Kyllini