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MILE will support you in getting information, strengthening your knowledge and skills, recruiting and engaging third country nationals in your companies and promoting the efforts you are already carrying out in this field.

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REAS srl (Italy)

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The Research “Voices of European employers: challenges and benefits of the inclusion of migrants in the labour market” was carried out between March and May 2019 with more than 170 companies across Italy, Austria, Greece and Spain. 

The aim of the MILE research was to take a snapshot of current experiences, challenges, needs and recommendations on the topic of integration of third-country nationals in the labour market in Europe. The results were also used to design the other project activities with companies as well as those with migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. Main areas of investigation included: 1) challenges, obstacles and opportunities for the economic integration of third-country nationals; 2) employer’s needs in the area of diversity management; and 3) skills and occupational profiles needed by companies and the labour market.

Have a look at the Executive Summary or download the complete Research in the Library.

The Capacity Building Programme for employers was carried out between October and December 2019 with more than 40 companies across Italy, Austria, Greece and Spain.  The programme – delivered by renowned national and European experts – aimed to strengthen the participants’ skills, knowledge and competences in diversity management and in the integration of non-EU citizens in the labour market.

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Raising awareness and information activities with employers on the topic of integration of migrants in the labour market and diversity management are carried out during the entire duration of the project in the partner countries. Get in touch if you would like to host one of these activities for your staff!

A special thank you to all the employers and associations of employers who took part in the research and in the capacity building and expressed their voice!