A desk, qualitative and quantitate research was carried out between February and May 2019 with more than 170 employers (and some employers’ associations).
The research aimed at giving voice to the employers and explore the following topics:

  • Skills and occupational (job) profiles needed by the companies and the labour market
  • Challenges, obstacles and opportunities for the integration of non-EU citizens in the labour market, according to the employers
  • What needs the employers have in terms of skills (legal, intercultural, etc.) and which support they require to hire/employ Third-Country National and promote a diverse workplace.

To find out the results of the research, download the research “Voices of European Employers. Challenges and benefits of the inclusion of migrants in the labour market. Evidences from Austria, Greece, Italy and Spain” and the executive summary in English, Italian, German, Greek or Spanish in the LIBRARY

HERE you can check the work carried out so far with the employers, the employers participating in MILE,  as well get information on how join the the project MILE as an employer.


The Multi-Stakeholder Working Groups are on-going groups of public and private organisations- local and national authorities, NGOs, migrants’ associations, trade unions, Universities and research centres, VET bodies, employment agencies, international organisations, etc. –  who meet on a periodical basis to network, share experiences, methods/tools and proposals, and improve their knowledge and skills in the field of integration of migrants in the labour market and various related topics (e.g. integration of non-accompanied minors or migrant women).

The Working Groups are active at local level in Milan, Innsbruck, Athens, Patras and Viladecans, but also at Europen level.

So far, more than 50 organisations took part in the Multi-Stakeholder Working Groups across the 4 countries.

The Working Groups focus on:

  • WG1: Approaches and tools in training and integration into labour market
  • WG2: Social and personal support to reach, involve and accompany migrants in labour market
  • WG3: Employers’ needs and long-term involvement strategies

HERE you can check the official members of the Local and European Working Groups and the work they carried out so far, as well get information on how join the groups.


A CAPACITY BUILDING PROGRAMME FOR STAKEHOLDERS AND EMPLOYERS was carried out between October and December 2019 with about 80 organisations and 40 employers across Italy, Austria, Greece and Spain

The programme – delivered by renowned national and European experts – aimed to strengthen the participants’ skills, knowledge and competences in diversity management and in the integration of non-EU citizens in the labour market.

2 STUDY VISITS were organised in the first year of the project – one in Innsbruck in March 2019 and one in Athens in November 2019 – for partners and stakeholders across Europe to meet, share practices, methods and tools on the economic integration of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, get an in-depth knowledge of the existing systems, activities, good practices at country and European level, and explore synergies and further collaboration in and beyond the project.

Participants in the study visits were the MILE partners, 2 associates/stakeholders per countries and 3 organisations coming from other 3 European countries, for an overall number of 28 organisations and 40 experts coming from 10 EU countries: Italy, Austria, Greece Spain, France, Portugal, Ireland, Belgium Check Republic and Germany.

Experts came from a wide range of public and private organisations, ranging from employers/associations of employers, local, regional and national public authorities, NGOs, employment agencies, European networks, Higher education and VET bodies. international organisations, research bodies/think tanks.


  • 120 migrants across the 4 countries will receive comprehensive and tailor-made support to favour their integration in the labour market, via training on technical and soft skills (including host country’s language), job guidance, work placements, post-placements support and validation of the skills acquired. This programme is designed and carried out in together with a group of employers in each city, so that both the employers’ and migrants’ needs are taken into consideration and an effective and promote matching between each company and each migrant can be identified.
  • 400 migrants across the 4 countries will receive a tailor-made support to favour their integration in the labour market, via training on soft skills (including host country’s language), job guidance and validation of the skills acquired.

Non-EU citizens interested in applying for the project can find all information HERE


  • Raising awareness and information activities with employers on the topic of integration of migrants in the labour market and diversity management are carried out during the entire duration of the project in the partner countries. These are carried out with:
    • 1. stakeholders, including employers;
    • 2. European citizens, to raise awareness about migrants’ contribution to European economies and societies;
    • 3. migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, to provide basic information on the local labour market and strengthen their soft skills.
  • Communication material (see here
  • Social Media: follow the MILE Facebook page 
  • 6-monthly newsletter on the project, with updates on MILE activities, thematic articles on the topic of the integration of third-country-nationals in the labour markets, news on relevant events and studies, information on the MILE partners, useful resources. Register for the MILE Newsletter here 
  • In the second half of the project, video-stories on the migrants and employers participating in MILE will be produced and local dissemination events will be organised.