Are you a private or public organisation working with migrants and/or inclusion in the labour market?

Are you interesting in networking with others who are working in this field at local, national and European level?

Would you like to get more information, strengthen your knowledge and skills and promote the efforts you are carrying out on these topics?

Then join the MILE Multi-Stakeholder Working Groups!

The Multi-Stakeholder Working Groups are on-going groups of public and private organisations – local and national authorities, NGOs, migrants’ associations, trade unions, Universities and research centres, VET bodies, employment agencies, international organisations, etc. – who meet on a periodical basis to network, share experiences and proposals, and improve their knowledge and skills in the field of integration of migrants in the labour market and various related topics (e.g. integration of non-accompanied minors or migrant women).
So far, more than 50 organisations took part in the Multi-Stakeholder Working Groups across the 4 countries.

Some examples of the work carried out in:

Check out the other activities we are carrying out with stakeholders:

The Capacity Building Programme for stakeholders was carried out between October and December 2019 with about 80 organisations across Italy, Austria, Greece and Spain. The programme – delivered by renowned national and European experts – aimed to strengthen the participants’ skills, knowledge and competences in diversity management and in the integration of non-EU citizens in the labour market.
Have a look at the contents of the capacity building in the Library.

Raising awareness and information activities with employers on the topic of integration of migrants in the labour market and diversity management are carried out during the entire duration of the project in the partner countries. These are carried out with: stakeholders, to enhance their knowledge and skills; European citizens, to raise awareness about migrants’ contribution to European economies and societies; and migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, to provide basic information on the local labour market and strengthen their soft skills.  Get in touch if you would like to host one of these activities for your staff and/or your beneficiaries!