1st Multistakeholder Meeting in Viladecans (Barcelona)

  • MILE 

22/05/19 Action Against Hunger and FUTUR, developed the first Multistakeholder Meeting hosted by Viladecans City hall.

In Viladecans, on the 22nd of May 2019 at the Municipality of Viladecans, stakeholders met to discuss the barriers as well as successful experiences for the integration of non-EU citizens in the labour market. The aim was to explain the project activities and services; and to focus on which are the obstacles for TCNs integration in the labour market. To reach those conclusions, participants divided into two mixed groups, one representing the employers and the second the migrant workers, to highlight the needs of each group. Subsequently, in the plenary session, participants explored together possible and effective solutions. Participants to the meeting were the Spanish partners, 2 employers and 8 stakeholders including the Municipality of Viladecans and ECAS (MILE Associate), the Secretariat of Equality, Migrations and Citizenship of the Region of Catalonia, other local public bodies, the employment agency Amiga ETT, national and regional Foundations and and not-for-profit organisations working with migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

For more information, see here.



  • ACH ( Partner )
  • FUTUR ( Partner)
  • ETT Amiga (social employment agency)
  • Ajuntament de Viladecans  (Viladecans Town Hall, Associate)
  • Consell comarcal Baix Llobregat  (County Council)
  • Fundació Integralia, (not-for-profit organisation)
  • Fundació Apip Acam, (not-for-profit organisation)
  • Fundació Catalunya- La Pedrera, (not-for-profit organisation)
  • Doga S.A,  (Employer)
  • Secretaria Igualtat, Migracions i Ciutadania ( Regional public administration/ associate)
  •  Formació i treball (not-for-profit organisation)
  •  Foment del Treball ( Regional public administration)

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