October 2019

Capacity Building Events in Barcelona!

  • MILE 
MILE’s partner in Spain, Action against Hunger, has held two Capacity Building events in Barcelona! Both of them had been facilitated by Joaquín Vergés Cabanzón, cultural mediator and Director of AMISI ( (Asociación para la Mediación Intercultural y Social con Inmigrantes) which is focused on implementing different types of programs addressed to migrant people. The first session took place on the 10th of October 2019 and it was dedicated to Third Sector professionals. The session started by explaining in what… Read More »Capacity Building Events in Barcelona!

Capacity Building Event in Innsbruck!

  • MILE 
Verein Multikulturell, in cooperation with the Tyrolean Labour Market Service, invited the sociologist and diversity researcher Kenan Güngör to speak at our brunch titled “Needed, but not wanted” held on the 16th October 2019 in Innsbruck. Mr Güngör provided insights on the possibilities and obstacles of vocational integration of third-country nationals into the labour market. Kenan Güngör offered a fresh perspective on the often-heard formula that encourages migrants to start working as quickly as possible to be successfully integrated. “If… Read More »Capacity Building Event in Innsbruck!

Capacity Building Events in Milan!

  • MILE 
On 1st and 8th of October, MILE was in Milan with two Capacity Building events. The first, Diversity in the Workplace: benefits and challenges of migrants labour integration, was dedicated to employers and companies interested on the topic of diversity management. After receiving information regarding MILE’s research and guidelines on the national law for hiring migrants origins’ workers, they followed a workshop on diversity management, led by Maura Di Mauro, intercultural trainer and diversity consultant. You can find all resources… Read More »Capacity Building Events in Milan!