Capacity Building Events in Milan!

  • MILE 

On 1st and 8th of October, MILE was in Milan with two Capacity Building events.

The first, Diversity in the Workplace: benefits and challenges of migrants labour integration, was dedicated to employers and companies interested on the topic of diversity management. After receiving information regarding MILE’s research and guidelines on the national law for hiring migrants origins’ workers, they followed a workshop on diversity management, led by Maura Di Mauro, intercultural trainer and diversity consultant. You can find all resources and material produced by consulting the Library section.

We thanks our partner EMIT Feltrinelli and ICEI for the organisation and all of the employers and companies who took part:

Successivly, Third Sector Organisations took part at the event, Migrants and Labour Market: the challenge of work integration in Italy, organised in collaboration with the Municipality of Milan. MILE promoted a moment to discuss and gather together some of the most relevant stakeholders at a local level. Participants followed a lecture form the sociology Professor Maurizio Ambrosini, one of the leading experts on the topic of migrants and labour market in Italy. In addition, they had the occasion to network and discover initiatives on the territory. We thank all of the participants and stakeholders for attending and for their positive and enthusiastic feedback:


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