Capacity Building Event in Innsbruck!

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Verein Multikulturell, in cooperation with the Tyrolean Labour Market Service, invited the sociologist and diversity researcher Kenan Güngör to speak at our brunch titled “Needed, but not wanted” held on the 16th October 2019 in Innsbruck.

Mr Güngör provided insights on the possibilities and obstacles of vocational integration of third-country nationals into the labour market.
Kenan Güngör offered a fresh perspective on the often-heard formula that encourages migrants to start working as quickly as possible to be successfully integrated. “If highly qualified immigrants start working here as taxi drivers, there is a great danger that they won’t find their way out of the low-skilled sector,” he explained. Of course, people should not be prevented from working. What is needed are dual systems in which work is a building block in the comprehensive integration process, but immigrants have the opportunity to find their personal path that matches their skills and biography.

Following the lecture, many of the participating stakeholders used the time for discussion and to exchange experiences. Soon all material produced during the event will be published in the Library section.

We’d like to thank all stakeholders and organisations who took part:

  • Arbeitsmarktservice Tirol
  • amg Tirol – Arbeitsmarktförderungs GmbH
  • Universität Innsbruck
  • Betriebsservice Arbeiterkammer Tirol
  • itworks – Personalservice und Beratung gGmbH
  • Innovia
  • Arbas Arbeitsassistenz Tirol
  • Österreichischer Integrationsfonds (ÖIF)
  • Bildungsdirektion Tirol
  • Tiroler Landesregierung
  • Integrationsbeauftage Jenbach
  • Gleichbehandlungsanwaltschaft
  • Rotes Kreuz Tirol
  • ZeMiT – Zentrum für MigrantInnen in Tirol

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