Capacity Building Events in Barcelona!

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MILE’s partner in Spain, Action against Hunger, has held two Capacity Building events in Barcelona!

Both of them had been facilitated by Joaquín Vergés Cabanzón, cultural mediator and Director of AMISI ( (Asociación para la Mediación Intercultural y Social con Inmigrantes) which is focused on implementing different types of programs addressed to migrant people.

The first session took place on the 10th of October 2019 and it was dedicated to Third Sector professionals. The session started by explaining in what the European Union’s strategy of “Employers together for integration” consists of, its links to MILE and the actions promoted by the project. Later, the concept of intercultural competences was introduced and participants, divided in small groups, started to work on formulating a definition of the concept based on their knowledge and experience.
During the session, it was also tackled the importance of diversity management through examples and success stories in sports and cultural projects.
Action Against Hunger wants to thank all the participants who took part:

The second Capacity Building, took place on the 24th of October 2019 and was directed to Employers. During this session, intercultural competence and diversity management was approached but also we tackled the trajectory of the regulations of Spain regarding migration, from 1967/68 with ILO Convention 67, up to Law 4/2000, currently in force.

We thank all of the employers and their active participation:

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