Webinar “The integration of migrants in the labour market in the time of Covid-19” – Italy, 10th of June 2020

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On the 10th of June 2020, a Webinar on “The integration of migrants in the labour market in the time of Covid-19” took place in Italy, organised by ICEI in collaboration with the Network “Migrations and Employment”.

The Webinar – facilitated by Alfredo Luis Somoza, journalist and President of ICEI –  aimed at sharing experiences and providing useful information and suggestions to design and implement effective
interventions for the economic integration of migrants, refugees and asylum
seekers, in a changing economic, social and legal environment due to the Covid-19.

Speakers at the Webinar were:

  • Prof. Maurizio Ambrosini, Professor of Sociology of migrations at the University of Milan, Director of the Italian Magazine “Migrants Worlds” and member of the National Economy and Labour Council
  • Livio Neri, Board Member ASGI Association for Juridical Studies on Immigration
  • Giovanni Abbate, Project Manager International Organization for Migration (IOM), Office for the Mediterranean countries
  • Umberto Soldati, Coordinatorof theArea for the economic inclusion of vulnerable groups, Il Grappolo Società Cooperativa Sociale
  • Alda Fiordelli, AFOL Metropolitana, Agency for the Training, Guidance and Employment of the Province of Milan
  • Livia Molinari & Fabio Mantegazza, Rete Scuole Senza Permesso (“Schools without Permits”, network of Italian language schools for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers)
  • Irma Rodriguez, Association ITALMEX (Latin American migrants’ organisation)
  • Daniela Bazzoni, Coordinator Employment and Training Area, CSD Diaconia Valdese (religious organisation working with vulnerable groups and managing refugees and asylum seekers’ reception centres)

    More than 160 participants attended the Webinar, coming from a wide range of public and private stakeholders, including local authorities, universities and research centres, non-profit organisations and NGOs working with migrants,, refugees’ and asylum seekers’ reception centres, migrants’ associations, Italian language schools, employment agencies, voluntary tutors of non-accompanied minors, training centres, employers’ organisations.

The registration of the Webinar – in Italian – can be accessed here:


Francesca Menozzi, Project Manager MILE at ICEI: francescamenozzi@icei.it

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