New training courses in Innsbruck

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Our new partner die Berater®, despite the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions in Austria, has managed to kick-start new training courses on soft skills at their Innsbruck branch.

The first round of training started in February with 12 participants (8 women and 4 men) mostly asylum seekers from Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Turkey and Vietnam. A second course will start at the beginning of March.

The training focuses on:

  • Soft skills training. E.g. identifying competences, difference between qualities and competences, create and deliver self-presentations, body language and rhetoric, promoting teamwork.
  • German in working life and integration. E.g. labour law and educational systems in Austria, review the basics and strengthen German language (expand specialized vocabulary in the respective occupational field).
  • Job application training. E.g. career orientation, creating competence-oriented application documents (CV, letter of application, etc.), practising job interviews.
  • Basic computer skills. E.g. MS Office programmes, data protection, influencing one’s own online presence positively, conducting Internet research.

These are tough times, but we keep on working to promote job inclusion for migrants all across Europe …A MILE ahead!

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