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MILE’s training activities resume with new courses!

Despite the difficulties linked to the particular situation we are experiencing, we keep on working to promote the labour inclusion of migrants. Shortly, will start a new online training course for unemployed migrants residing in Milan and its hinterland dedicated to soft skills, job orientation and active research.

The proposed courses, organized by ICEI and AFOL Metropolitana, will allow participants to:

  • Gain awareness of their experiences and skills.
  • Know the services present in the area.
  • Learn new ways and tools to access the labour market.
  • Become aware of their soft skills and work to strengthen them.

The training will take place entirely online on TEAMS, in order to access it will be needed a good level of Italian (A2/B1) and a smartphone/PC with a good internet connection. All the activities carried out within the training will be free.

We continue to strive to promote job inclusion thanks to the support of our partners. Although virtually, we can’t wait to meet you again … a MILE ahead!

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Cell. 3510323452

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