MILE training activities with migrants have resumed in Greece

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In June 2020, a first group of migrants in the Region of Western Greece started their soft skills and technical training programme within the project, organized by Olympic Training and Consulting, in full compliance with the national and local safety procedures.

All the participants underwent a skills’ assessment beforehand, via the EU Skills Profile Tool for Third Country Nationals.  Through this process, the lack of knowledge and skills for the utilization of ICT for online job seeking emerged as a great and common among the migrants. These were accustomed to using more conventional means of direct communication, but their reluctance in virtual interaction and online job seeking have been major obstacles in the context that was formed due to COVID -19 outbreak.

For this reason, the soft skills training was mainly aimed at presenting ways to use IT applications in job seeking, but also at preparing the participants for certification exams in ICT -for those that may benefit professionally from such a process.

The soft skills training took place at the facilities of Olympic Training in Pyrgos, Ilia’s Prefecture in the Region of Western Greece.

More specifically, the participants had the opportunity to become more familiar with Word processor and write a CV, edit texts, write a cover letter and professional letters. Also, they were introduced to the use of internet and various internet platforms for job seeking and for seeking information about their professional interests. Moreover, the MILE beneficiaries improved their skills regarding professional communication via E-Mail and instant messaging platforms.

After the soft skills training, the technical training started on the 10th of July. This includes 20 hours of theoretical training and 240 hours of Work Based Learning and concerns the communication and provision of services in tourist and catering units.

The training is divided into 3 educational units, based on the needs of the beneficiaries and the companies participating in MILE: Customer Service (e.g. basic principles of customer service, standard customer care rules and procedures, customer interaction, etc.), Management of the Restaurant Space / Business Place and Administrative Tasks (e.g. inventory care, planning and preparation for daily work, inventory management practices, etc.) and Quality Assurance, Health And Safety Standards (e.g. safety hazards and safety standards in the workplace, COVID-19 and food safety, health protocols for tourism companies in the context of measures against corona virus COVID-19, etc.).

Simultaneously or immediately after the completion of the theoretical training, the participants are starting their individual Work Based Learning plans in the cooperating companies. During the WBL and at regular intervals, the students will receive additional counseling and guidance services in order to further enhance their integration into the labour market.

So far, the participants expressed a very positive feedback about the actions of the MILE project.

The new cycle of the integrated MILE program is scheduled to start in September! The TCNs recruiting process is implemented also online

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