II Multistakeholder Working Group – Greece, 26th of June 2020, online meeting

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On June 26th, 2020, the II Multistakeholder Working Group in the framework of the project “MILE – Migrants Integration in the Labour Market in Europe” took place online in Greece, organized by DAISSy Research Group of the Hellenic Open University (HOU).

The II Multistakeholder WG – facilitated by Eleni Georgakakou, Project Manager and Researcher of DAISSy – aimed to discuss on the past but also the current challenging period and to present the next steps of the project. Furthermore, MILE’s significance and direct relationship with the axes of employment and integration – social participation were underlined and the Handbook for Employers and the interactive platform, https://www.culturalmediators.eu/mile/, created in its framework have been further discussed and promoted.

The discussion evolved around the three MILE Multistakeholder WG main themes, specifically:

  •  Training methods and tools for integrating immigrants into the labor market
  • Social and individual support for the involvement and continuous assistance of immigrants upon entering the labor market
  • Needs of employers and long-term support strategies.

A significant number of organizations attended the meeting from various sectors, including Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Research Centers, Universities, Employers’ Associations, Municipalities, etc.

Speakers at the II Multistakeholder WG were:

  • E. Georgakakou (Project Manager & Researcher): Opening of the meeting, Introduction – Project MILE – DAISSy/HOU
  • P. Matsagas (Protection Officer): The integration of beneficiaries of international protection in the labour marketUNHCR
  • A. Tramountanis (Researcher): The integration of immigrants and applicants / beneficiaries of international protection in the Greek labor market: current situation and future challenges – National Center for Social Research (EKKE)
  • G. Simopoulos (Education Officer): Quality specifications for tools-bridges from education to employmentUNICEF Greece
  • G. Vourlakis, P. Panousi (Programme Managers): Challenges in the implementation of educational programs during the pandemic and ways to deal with (intervention)METAdrasi
  • M. Tsekoura (HELIOS Project Coordinator, Education) & G. Kontini (HELIOS Employability Project Assistant): Updated data and adaptations – Strategies, technologies and types of training that allow the continuous introduction of educational objects and the strengthening of the prospects forthe integration in the labor market – International Organization for Migration (IOM)
  • Ch. Roufa (Center Operating Officer – Employment Consultant): The role of job counselors in the search for training programs and in raising public awareness for participatory actionJobcenter of the Municipality of Athens
  • I. Profiri (Scientific Personnel): Participation of GSEVEE through the bodies of IME & KEK in projects for the immigration / refugee issue. Results, Findings, SuggestionsIME GSEVEE: Small Enterprises’ Institute of the Hellenic Confederation of Professionals, Craftsmen and Merchants (Greece)
  • Discussion – Concluding points.

The meeting was concluded with active discussion between the speakers and attendees. An attempt was made to record future moves and practices, and all participants have agreed in the significance of keep having MILE Multistakeholder WG meetings on a permanent basis.

The original agenda had to be expanded and instead of 11:00’ – 13:00’, the meeting was after all finalized at 14:15’ with the active involvement of all participants. The next WG meetings have been set for September and November/ December 2020, under the facilitation of DAISSy/ HOU.

For more information: 
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Email : info@daissy.eap.gr

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