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The Capacity Building for Employers on the topics of economic integration of migrants and diversity in the workplace were carried out in Italy, Austria, Greece and Spain between October and December 2019.

The capacity building  – whose contents were based also on the results of the research “Voices of European Employers. Challenges and benefits of the inclusion of migrants in the labour market” –  aimed to strengthen the participants’ skills, knowledge and competences in diversity management and the integration of non-EU citizens in the labour market.

More than 40 employers – across all economic sectors and sizes – took part in the capacity buildings. Trainers were renowned national experts on the above-mentioned topics.

The proceedings of the capacity building have been included in a Handbook for Employers, in English but also in Italian, German, Spanish and Greek languages.

The Handbook is intended as an easy-to-use tool for all employers and association of employers across Europe – including those who participated in the MILE capacity building – willing to gain more information and knowledge on how to promote diversity in their workplace and support the integration of migrants in their company.

Check out the Handbook 👉 here

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