September 2019

AUTUMN AT MILE: Capacity Building activities are starting soon!

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In every MILE’s cities, partners are working at Capacity Building activities Employers and for Third Sector Organisations. The first group follows training and practical activities regarding Diversity Managements and Diversity Advantage. But also, on legal procedures in hiring TCNs and how to build a plan for their corporate responsibility. The latter, will discuss the very phenomenon of migration and labour market. They will analyze historical and present dynamics, strategies in place and researches performed in the field. Experts in the… Read More »AUTUMN AT MILE: Capacity Building activities are starting soon!

MILE’s News from Greece

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Several events are implemented in the Western Greece Region by MILE partner Olympic Training and Consulting Ltd (@olykek) , with the participation of employers, local authorities, social services and employers’ associations. Such as the one that took place on the 29 of July at the former Town Hall of The Municipality of Varda, with the active support and participation of the Commercial Association of Varda (@ΕμπορικόςΣύλλογοςΒάρδαςΒουπρασία). The main goal was to disseminate MILE among stakeholders and also to have a… Read More »MILE’s News from Greece