May 2019

Thematic Focus #1: Diversity Advantage

  • MILE 
FOCUS: Diversity Advantage in Europe   What is Diversity Advantage? by ICEI Diversity Advantage is the idea that diversity (intended as different backgrounds and origins of individuals) can bring competitive benefits for business and economies in general, but also for organisations and communities. This can happen when diversity is considered as a value and is promoted and included in decision-making processes and business-vision in general. Promotion of diversity is not a singular action, but it represent a vision and philosophy… Read More »Thematic Focus #1: Diversity Advantage

1st Multistakeholder Meeting in Viladecans ( Barcelona)

  • MILE 
22/05/19 Action Against Hunger and FUTUR, developed the first Multistakeholder Meeting hosted by Viladecans City hall. The aim was to explain the project activities and services; and to focus on which are the barriers/obstacles for TCNs integration in the labour market. To reach those conclusions, we have been working in two small mixed groups; where one team represented the employers and the second team the migrant workers. The goal was to find out their needs. Afterwards, we concluded in plenary… Read More »1st Multistakeholder Meeting in Viladecans ( Barcelona)