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EMIT Feltrinelli is one of the Italian Technical partners, contributing to the implementation of the project in their country. Thanks to their key technical experiences and skills, they ensure the engagement of employers and direct contacts with companies. They are also responsible for organizing and conducting skills assessments, soft skills development, VET/technical training, companies capacity building and facilitate matching between employers and Third-Country Nationals. Also, they are active in post- placement support and skills validation, where TCNs are individually supported to receive a further and stronger accompaniment in terms of scouting of opportunities and networking with employers.


E.M.I.T., Ente Morale “G. Feltrinelli”, One century in vocational education and training

E.M.I.T., Ente Morale “G. Feltrinelli” per l’incremento dell’Istruzione Tecnica is a no profit foundation and has been working in the field of vocational education and training since 1928. EMIT Feltrinelli  offers vocational courses in various areas, especially those characterised by advanced technical contents which require constant update and result in high job opportunities.

The Training Courses

Our training courses concern mainly Information and Communication Technology, audio and post-production technologies, multi-media technologies and computer graphics. However, we also offer several language and key skills qualification courses.


EMIT has always privileged its relationship with the companies and the users who benefit from its services by fostering the match between supply and demand of occupational opportunities. Intenships are the most representative tools to attain this goal in that they allow a complete training path with hands-on experience hence better employment chances. Since 2007 internships have been adopted also for the purpose of finding employment to non-EC labour who are also offered the additional opportunity of learning Italian as well as the main aspects of the Italian law reagarding safety at work, work contracts and organisations.