ACEDE Catalan Association of Executives, Managers and Entrepreneurs

A dream came true when, more than 20 years ago, Joan Vilar (current President of the organisation) decided to launch his end-of-degree-work with other members of his Master in “Politics and Government”:  ACEDE – Associació Catalana d’Executius, Directius i Empresaris, was born.

ACEDE is a non-profit organisation bringing together the different subjects of economic, social and political activity: political representatives, social agents, employers and trade unions, etc., having as its main goal to analyse and assess possible problems and to work actively to solve them. ACEDE’s aim is to build a strong, ethical and united Catalan business network.

To this purpose, ACEDE offers the following services:

  • Ethical lobby
  • Sector working groups
  • Consulting and technical support
  • Enterprising support
  • Institutional support
  • Events and networking
  • Communication services

ACEDE tries to be open to new ways to work with its associated companies, according to the changes and challenges of todays’ society. For the last few years the organisation has been involved in different projects such as “ACEDE – University”, a project whose objective was to provide learners with effective tools which give them the opportunity to create their own business, or the “Cooperative” project, intended to help young people create a social project through a cooperative society. In these difficult times, ACEDE also tries to help companies get over very critical situations opening the association’s network and expertise to them.

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