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HOU is the national coordinator for the Greek partnership group, organizing and managing all project’s actions and associated organisations in Athens and in the country.  HOU is also responsible for all the research activities and data analysis.

Hellenic Open University (HOU) is the only Greek State University that offers formal and non-formal open distance education to more than 40.000 students.

It participates in MILE project through the DAISSy (Dynamic Ambient Intelligent Sociotechnical Systems) research group (http://daissy.eap.gr) founded in 2001 by highly skilled and motivated researchers with various backgrounds who, until now, have implemented more than 35 national and European projects (FP5, FP6, FP7, Lifelong Learning, Erasmus+, Horizon, AMIF, DG JUSTICE Grants, etc.). The vision of DAISSy group is to contribute to the realization of an inclusive advanced human society by inventing technology that adapts and supports human needs regardless discrimination of any type and with respect to the diversity advantage.

Tackling stereotypes and contributing to building inclusive societies, HOU-DAISSy takes action for the benefit of vulnerable groups such as women, youth, migrants/refugees and third country nationals (TCNs). More precisely, regarding TCNs (MILE target group) there are around 173.000 who officially work in Greece and almost 15.000 out of them operate in the Region of Western Greece-RWG (Hellenic Statistical Authority, 2018) mostly dealing with primary production, foodstuff, tourism and home care services (Fratsea L, 2017) (Center for the Integration of Migrants of the Municipality of Andravida – Killini, 2019).