Multistakeholder Working Groups Meeting in Milan

  • MILE 

On the 20/03/2019 the first meeting of the Italian multistakeholder Working Groups took place in Milan, hosted by the Municipality of Milan.
The meeting was finalised at presenting the project, discussing and sharing inputs and ideas regarding the access of non-EU citizens in the local labour market, with all of the challanges and opportunities that they represent. We are glad of having received such positive feedbacks and valuable considerations, particularly useful for our project’s future activties.

Delegates form the non-profit sector, employers and local institutions, were present at the event expressing strong interest to be part of the project.


  • ICEI (NGO, MILE project leader)
  • AFOLMET (employment agency of the city of Milan, MILE partner)
  • EMIT Feltrinelli (training centre, MILE partner)
  • Municipality of Milan (MILE associate)
  • NAGA (NGO for migrants’ rights)
  • Comunità Nuova (not-for-profit organisation)
  • Associazione IRENE (not-for-profit organisation)
  • Società Umanitaria Milano (training centre)
  • Yabboq (Employer/Social Enterprise)
  • Il Grappolo Soc. Coop. Soc. (Employer/Social Enterprise)
  • La Cordata (not-for-profit organisation)