Fundaciò Futur is one of the project’s Technical partners in Spain, contributing to the implementation of the project in their country coordinated by Aciòn Contra el Hambre. Thanks to their key technical experiences and skills, they ensure the engagement of employers and direct contacts with companies. They are also responsible for organizing and conducting skills assessments, soft skills development, VET/technical training, companies capacity building and facilitate matching between employers and Third-Country Nationals. Also, they are active in post- placement support and skills validation, where TCNs are individually supported to receive a further and stronger accompaniment in terms of scouting of opportunities and networking with employers. They organise round tables with employers and their associations, generating provision of employment and guidance, services validation.


Fundación Futuro

is a non-profit organization whose main objective is the social and labor integration of people at risk of social exclusion such as immigrants. We carry out this purpose through training and contracting, mainly in the catering sector, of people derived from the prison environment and users of municipal social services or non-profit entities.

Fundación Futuro was born from the desire to help people who live and work by making a sustainable life accessible to all.

Currently, we are a team of 200 professionals who work every day to achieve this goal.